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FTDI Driver update

Vamsi Valavala

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Hi @Vamsi Valavala,

Is the JTAG HS2 only being detected by the Windows operating system or can Digilent's Adept system, https://digilent.com/reference/software/adept/start, also detect the JTAG HS2?

I'm not at my computer to confirm this, but I believe Xilinx's Vivado software will not detect the JTAG HS2 on its own because there is no FPGA to configure so it will not show up individually in the Vivado Hardware Manager. Any FPGA/SoC devices should show up downstream of the JTAG HS2 though (with the caveat that the JTAG HS2 is not able to do some debug operations for SoC devices).



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