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DMM shield for Arduino


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For a variety of reasons, the DMM shield for Arduino was discontinued by its manufacturer.

One of the key reasons is that the shield was designed to function with older versions of the Arduino board, and compatibility concerns occurred as newer versions of the board were introduced. As a result, the manufacturer found it difficult to maintain the shield and provide user support.

Another factor is that the shield's market was rather tiny, and the maker may have found it difficult to justify continuing manufacturing based on demand. Furthermore, there could have been other competing goods on the market with identical features, which could have influenced DMM shield sales.

Finally, the manufacturer may have decided to concentrate their efforts on other product lines or sectors of their business, and retiring the DMM shield allowed them to allocate resources to those other areas.

Overall, the DMM shield for Arduino was likely discontinued due to a mix of factors including compatibility difficulties, market demand, and strategic priorities.


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