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getting started vivado guide


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Hey Traymond,

It appears that the Vivado: Getting Started Guide specifically is not currently available, possibly it is down for revisions. If you are using Arty, there is a very similar guide available, the Arty Programming Guide, in that board's reference page. There are a handful of other guides on that page as well for various projects, such as Getting Started with Microblaze, that you may find helpful in reacquainting yourself with the Xilinx development tools. I hope this helps!



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Hi B Sully,

Could you link to those videos so others can see the ones you are referring to?

Also, there is now a Getting Started with Vivado guide on our Wiki here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/vivado/getting_started/start. It walks through opening up Vivado and getting all of the files in place that you would need, synthesizing, implementing, and generating the bitstream, and then actually programming your board, with some helpful pictures. It's what I used when I finally was brave enough to try out Vivado and was a nice way to get familiar with the GUI and be able to refer back to it. (Note that it doesn't go through any coding techniques though, so don't be hoping for that).


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