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From device tree to Linux drivers



Hi all,

I am about to run Linux on a Zybo. In the tuto I am following, this is explained I have to generate a device tree after defining the hw with no mention about any Linux drivers. But I think this is not the only thing I have to do to make Linux able to communicate with the peripherals on the board.

Tell me if I am wrong : the device tree is just there to tell the kernel how peripherals are mapped in memory. But it does not tell nothing about how to communicate with. This is the role of the driver. Right?

If right, will it be fine if I generate the device tree and if I use the kernel in github Digilent/linux-digilent?

Does this kernel already have all the required drivers for my board?




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Hey Herrmattoon,

I just responded to your previous question from last week, sorry for the delay. It seems as though you have made some progress along the tutorial!

You are right in your assumption about the functionality of the device tree in that it is just there to inform the kernel about the peripherals available for the specific machine it is running on. The drivers handle communication with the various hardware peripherals at run time. All the drivers you should need for basic Linux usage are included in the kernel, though depending on if you want to use certain USB devices you may need to download additional drivers.


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