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Lab Manual book

Daniel Robinson

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I bought the Real Analog book from Amazon and the parts kit thinking it would have all the circuits in it.

On the back of the book it says you can purchase the Lab Manual separately. Where can I get it please ?

Also the web address http://digilent.com/real-analog   doesn't work apparently that's where the free download of the book is.



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Hi @Daniel Robinson,

To be clear on the parts kit, I do not know if it will have all of the parts that are listed/used in the Real Analog book since (as also noted on the Parts Kit store page) Digilent does not choose or decide what components are in the Analog Parts Kit; it is curated exclusively by Analog Devices, so Digilent has no control over if the parts kit has different components that what is indicated in the book that was written several years ago.

I don't think we have the Lab Manual separately available, though each chapter that has Lab material has a PDF download in the dropdown within their respective pages available through the main landing page here: https://digilent.com/reference/learn/courses/real-analog/start.

I'll see about getting the url properly redirected to the correct location.


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