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Clarify Analog Discovery 2 Deal


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I'm looking to buy the Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle, to effectively get a free set of probes compared to buying the AD2 and BNC adapter separately, but it doesn't advertise the same deal that the AD2 does by itself:


Receive $200 off of an Analog Discovery 2 just by buying one of our FPGA or SoC boards costing over $100!

Does that deal also apply to the bundle?  Or is it only for the AD2 by itself?

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Hi @AaronD,

I checked with our web and sales team and received confirmation that the banner advertisement on the main store landing page (which you paraphrased in your quote) only applies specifically to the Analog Discovery 2 SKU/part number; it does not apply to the Pro Bundle (or other bundles). 


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