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I am a test engineer and my company is providing a semiconductor test application.
 Now I am integrating the ADP3250 into my system and I bought 2 of ADP3250 and 2 of AnalogDiscovery2, until now.

Current my customer computer environment is WindowXP... I am trying to use on WinXp, but ADP3250 doesn't work. Then posting to technical support via Digilent Forum, but there is no solution for WinXP. AnalogDIscovery2 is available on WInodwsXP using WaveForms(v3.12.1). However I need ADP3250 on WindowsXP and it is not available.

Additionally I have plan to buy more ADP3250 about more than 10 systems in next quarter if it is available on WixdowsXP.
There is description to support WindowsXP in your web site...

So can you escalate this support?

First of all, I'd like to have a compiled library "dwf.lib" on x86(32bit) in SDK. Now only supported for x64(64bit) OS.




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Moving up to a more recent version of Windows that is supported by the ADP3250 may be necessary. Windows XP is an out-of-date OS that may not be compatible with the most recent hardware and software. Upgrading to a more recent version of Windows might be the best and easiest option.

You might have to contemplate other equipment or programming arrangements that are viable with Windows XP if moving up to a more current rendition of Windows isn't a choice. This could mean using a different piece of hardware that works with Windows XP or finding a new semiconductor test program that works with your current operating system.


Have a nice day.

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