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Where does digilent ships from?


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I was currently evaluating buying the Kintex 7 Genesys 2 board but I'd like to understand where this ships from exactly...when I open the link for the Genesys 2, it shows the image below in terms of stocks, so I suppose if my destination address is in Ireland most likely it'll ship from there, correct?


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Hi @aignacio,

If you purchase directly from Digilent's website, the board will be shipped from our shipping center and the shipping cost will be displayed/calculated during the checkout process.

If you purchase from Digi-Key Ireland, I presume the board would also be shipped from Ireland, but you would need to go to that Distributors website directly and see how the shipping works there. Digilent does not have any insight or control on where our Distributors store their products.


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