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Josh Sparber--need to access basic software to run Nexsys A7 board


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                                                                                                     Oct. 4, 2021


            I have a Digilent Nexys A7 board and I want to access it in order to learn to program and create
      embedded setups. I have  JTAG cable and have soldered a plug to the board so that this can be
      plugged in.  I am just a hobbyist right now, and I want to learn about this stuff.

           I get this message that I cannot access the software needed to start accessing the board.

           What is going on here?  See attached. 


            Please contact me right away.

            jsparbear5@gmail.com or call at 714-767-0027.


Josh Sparber



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Hi @JSpar,

Digilent does not create nor provide the Xilinx made Vivado software, so we won't be a lot of direct help in this regard as opposed to Xilinx themselves.

That being said, the error message you are getting implies that you do not have access to that particular folder on your Windows machine. Are you an administrator or otherwise have access to that file folder? Or I guess, are you able to run other executables on your computer?


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                                                                 Nov 7, 2021

Mr. Colvin.

I appreciate your assistance with this.

I have Windows Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043.

I feel like I'm a little up a blind alley with this.

Looking at the Xilinx company overall, they seem to
be "Keeping Up with the Joneses" with their stock
growing and business still expanding. I see some
businesses dropping product lines that aren't
keeping up with all the Gen 5/6 stuff. 

Although now I am at the level of a hobbyist, I am
planning to retrain myself in the field of embedded
tech for the next few years. So, this is a serious 
endeavor for me and I would like to get started.

Joshua Sparber


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                                                                                       Nov. 7, 2021

Mr. Colvin,

     I see an ITAR notice for me to fill in information before the download.

     I have given them this information.

     I am not working for a company, so I put in 'self.'
     I am a retired government System Engineer, interested in retraining myself on embedded.
     I have an MSEE and so I don't have to be babied or sponsored in any way. 
     This is really retarding my progress in self-learning. 

     There is supposed to be a kit, is it not? It seems unusual that a kit would
      have these kind of requirements. Is there some kind of hidden stuff going
      on I should be aware. After all, its only a kit, I have no propriety stuff going
      on, just my own projects or interests, and nothing yet, since I can't do 
     Is everyone that uses the kit working for a company?
     I am more than willing to cooperate with whatever information they need.
     Is there someone I can talk to about this? 

     Should I obtain an ITAR License?  If so, how much does this cost?

     Need some help here. 

Joshua H. Sparber





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                                                                                                    Nov 7, 2021

Mr. Colvin,

             I was finally able to figure it out.

             Instead of 'self' I put my name, I guess this is still truthful. 

             Then I was able to get it to load.

             Still, if I am going to say Yes to the EULA, which is traditional
             for any new app, I don't know why they have to be so mean.

             Anyway, another thing that new users should be aware of--they
             weren't satisfied with my Password. So, I requested they
             send me a Key Code so that I could reset my Password.
             Since, for some reason Chrome doesn't allow you to spawn
             more than one Google search, I used my iPhone to get the
             Key Code from my email. When I put this in and reset my
             Password, it would come back and tell me that the Key Code
             was outdated and then I had to reset my Password again. 
             This repeated many times. So I decided maybe the app
             needed time to recognize it had sent me a new Key Code,
             returning after 15 minutes. Then it accepted my new Password
             and moved on. You might want to warn new users of this,
             if they allow you. It will save them from a lot of frustration.

             It checked me for available app space and I had more than enough.
             It started to download with a suggested time of 14 hours. So, I
             started to download, and went off to do some other activities.
             When I came back the installation program said it couldn't load
             certain files. It repeated this several times. So, the help I need now
             is there a suggested procedure for installation; especially if you
             have Windows 10.x and a Dell computer. This would be handy
             because then I could install the files and start learning.
             Most programs do come with a suggested installation procedure,
             and this seems to be normal for most apps. I downloaded the
             updated version from Oct 2021, this year, because this was 
             what was suggested. Any guidance would be appreciated.

             Sorry about getting hung up on these seemingly minor things,
             but possibly my experience could help other users.
             Like I write here, I am open to some guidance: especially, right now,
             on the installation.

Joshua H Sparber












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                                                                       Nov 10, 2021

Mr. Colvin,

     Through the night I was able to load in what I believe is the correct software.
     Possibly the channel was not as busy, possibly it didn't drop the content. 

     Anyway, thanks at least for standing by. This by itself was helpful.
     Also, your previous assistance was appreciated.

Yours truly,
Joshua H Sparber





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