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X1 Carbon Gen 9: Left and Right click TrackPoint Buttons Don't Respond When Pressed Simultaneously

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I tried searching the boards for this particular issue and couldn't quite find a similar threads. Some came close (like the X1 Carbon Gen 7 unable to use TrackPoint buttons with trackpad without suffering a momentary delay), but none hit the mark.

Problem: Pressing Left and Right click TrackPoint Buttons simultaneously does not register as left and right click at the same time.

Test : https://easycpstest.com/mouse-test

Use case: Left and Right click pressed simultaneously is a popular command to move characters forward in MMOs. It is also used in many FPS's where right clicking acts as a zoom, and left click would act as fire.

I believe this is an issue with the driver, specifically the Elan TrackPoint driver. Request that the next version of the driver allow simultaneous registering of left and right clicks. This currently works correctly on my X1 Carbon Gen 3 TrackPoint buttons. 

Does anyone else have a potential solution? I've already played around with trackpad sensitivity. Setting it to Most Sensitive has allowed me to at least use left click while pressing down on the keyboard simultaneously. Unfortunately, it doesn't fix this issue though. Thank you if you're able to help!

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