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Analog parts kit rev. A: Need for documentation

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I bought this extensive Analog parts kit rev. A (part no. 240-000) in 2016. For several reasons, I have not used it until now. I have been searching in vain for documentation of the different experiments and circuits that can be realised with this kit. Of course, I can find documentation of the different ICs, etc. making up this kit. The new rev. B has some changes, so I would prefer documentation of rev. A. It surely must be out there somewhere. I have searched your different websites and knowledge bases without success. Anyone?

Thanking you in advance.


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Hi @Sheep head,

I apologize for the delay.

The best place to find documentation for the Analog Parts Kit will be on the Analog Devices website as they are the ones that created, maintained, and chose which components are available in this kit; here is their reference page for the kit: https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/adalp2000/parts-index.

Thank you,

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