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Use of Digilent Images in Educational Assignments


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I am using the Analog Discovery II (AD2) device in my undergraduate electrical engineering classroom.  My students are required to complete assignments that require use of the AD2.   Some students desire to use graphics, logos, or other images on the Digilent website for use in their assignment deliverables.  A specific example of this use is the "pin out" image for the AD2, that is a nice graphic that easily shows the available connections to the AD2.  Is it permissible for students to use images and logos from the Digilent site for purposes of creating educational assignments?   There is not currently a plan to spread these assignments beyond the classroom, nor is there a plan to ever spread the assignments beyond the classroom. 

Thank you!

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Hi @myoungeleg,

Yes, they may use the Digilent made images without issue.

The only request that we would have (if it spread beyond the classroom, which does not seem to be the case), would be to have a link that goes back to the Digilent website.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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