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Wifi communication with Zybo Z7-20



Hello, all. Since I am very new to this field, I would like to get verified before I buy the Zybo Z7-20.

What I want to do is processing some data with FPGA and then wirelessly transferring the output data from FPGA.

It seems that Zybo Z7-20 is equipped with Xillinx 7 series FPGA and PMOD wifi can support its wireless communication.

So my question is if my information is correct.


In addition, if anyone can kindly explain the process of enabling wifi communication with those two products, I would very much appreciate it!

Also, if there is a board that has already been equipped with Wifi communication and FPGA, I would also appreciate it.


Thank you in advance for your help!! 

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I'm sure that, with some work it's possible.

Are you just looking for wifi connectivity or do you have a minimum data rate requirement? This might be important to consider. It depends on the wifi device being used and how it is used.

You should look around the Digilent forums for example projects, and at the Digilent PMOD product pages, and Digilent Git repositories to get an idea of what's immediately available to bootstrap your projects. I'd also investigate the wifi device manufacturers websites for information. Really, the answer depends on what exactly you want to do.

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