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Power On Question


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I have a Nexys A7 board. I am taking in wall power with a 5.5 V converter.

The power light does light up. 

It is red colored.

1)     Is this normal?

2)     Are there points to check for 5 volts with a voltmeter; if so,

where are they?

Joshua Sparber, jsparbear5@gmail.com, 714-767-0027

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Hi @JSpar,

I apologize for the long delay.

Yes, the red led is normal; that is the only color it shows when the board is correctly receiving power.

If you want to check for 5V you can check the voltage at a number of capacitors such as C211 or C178, which should match the voltage that you are providing to the Nexys A7.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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