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Replacement Micro USB for Analog Discovery


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About 4 months ago I reached out to customer support for a new micro USB cable for the Analog Discovery 2 and they provided me the part in and email I no longer have.  However, the part I received was just a usb A to usb B not the micro usb cable I ordered and I didn’t notice as I received the cable after the semester was over and summer started and didn’t need it.  They also told me there is a specific type of micro usb cable I need in order to return data to my computer. Would someone be able to tell me what cable I need for this?

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Hi @Mattk100,

The cable you need is a micro B to standard Type A USB cable for the Analog Discovery 2. The other caveat with the cable is that it needs to be able to support data usage and not just charging (like some cheap phone cables do).

You can likely find an appropriate cable from many retailers, but the here is Digilent's store page for it: https://digilent.com/shop/usb-a-to-micro-b-cable/.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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