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Image processing pipeline using Zedboard , FMC PCAM adapter and PCam



Hi everybody ,

I was  able to run the zeboard ocam 5C demo by deigilent , I wish to capture images using silmilar harware setup via petalinux project.
I am using https://github.com/Digilent/Zybo-Z7-20-base-linux design along with the baremetal design as reference.

Untill now I am able to successfully obtain the media graph , However both MIPI and demosaic cores are not initialised and I suspect that it could be because the sensor is not activeimage001.png.9f4d47424c83965f5bf75ace60e4a429.png

I am unsure of the way to power up PCAM. Below is the corresponding devie tree from the zybo design. I understand that gpio pin in the regulator node corresponds to cam gpio pin of the schematics , but I am not able to find gpio pins 58 and 59 in the vivado Design.

What am I missing?
Also if anybody could explain me the power up of pcam via FMC it would be of great help as I am fairly new to this topic and still in the process of learning.

Thanks in advance! Your time and help is highly appreciated!!

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