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JTAG-HS3 gpio configuration

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Hello all,

I am using JTAG-HS3 with TopJTAG probe software.

The software has native support for the Digilent USB-JTAG but not the USB JTAG HS3.

Having said that, it supports "custom" JTAG probes based on the FTDI chipset and recognises the HS3 as such. This is encouraging. 

When I select the Custom FTDI option it asks me to tell it what to do with the FTDI GPIOs and advises that different probed need their GPIOs setting up differently - often to enable buffers, drive tRST, and stuff like that. Sounds fair enough to me.

The problem is that I cannot find documentation on how the GPIOs are used/configured on the HS3. The schematic would help, but the link to the schematic on the digilent website is dead.

Can anyone help with the GPIO config or a schematic of the HS3?

Similar problem has been asked before in link with HS2: 

The solution has been emailed and is not available in forum. Can someone help me out here.



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