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Zedboard, FMC Pcam adaptor



hello all.

I have been using  zedboard for long now, my question might seem silly but wanted to confirm about it
what is the eeprom address here ?  If i convert 1010GA0GA1 -> its 0x28 but when I check on the petalinux boot image for i2c and eeprom address it is 70 and 50. should the i2c address here be 10100GA0GA1 in the schematic?


Also, I have another question for using pcam module. I created the pipeline mipi -> demosaic -> frame_write -> frame_read -> video_out
on the the pl.dtsi file, we get string name in the mipi ip as


xlnx,exdes-board = "ZCU102";

xlnx,exdes-config = "MIPI_Video_Pipe_Camera_to_Display";

xlnx,exdes-fmc = "LI-IMX274MIPI-FMC V1.0 Single Sensor";

As, I use zedboard, fmc and pcam module in the system-user.dtsi file I am overwriting as below


xlnx,exdes-board = "zedboard";

xlnx,exdes-config = "MIPI_Video_Pipe_Camera_to_Display";

xlnx,exdes-fmc = "ovti,ov5640";

I just want to confirm if this is good practice. as I have got some trouble in initialising mipi ip. Please any suggestion would be considered.

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