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Analog Discovery 2 Parts Kit Bundle


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In the pricing sheet the parts kit is listed as being free when purchased with the Analog Discovery if you're using a student account. Right now my customer group is Academic-Student, but when I add the Analog Discovery 2 and the parts kit to my cart I am charged the full $65 for the kit, but only $179 for the Discovery 2. Am I not bundling the two products correctly to receive the discount?

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Next to the word "free" on the pricing sheet there is small red #1 that directs you to notes at the bottom of the page which clarifies that in order to get a free parts kit, you will need to get a coupon code from your professor to enter when you check out online (copy posted below).   The reasoning behind this is that we will give them free to students who are required to purchase it for a class, if their professor is willing to contact us and give us some basic info about the course they are teaching and how many students will be taking the class so we can keep enough in stock.   

Info from the academic price list on our  website: https://resource.digilentinc.com/downloads/Academic_Prices.pdf

"The Free Analog Parts Kit (APK) can only be ordered by value code or coupon code, by a

student, anywhere in the world. Schools cannot get free APK, only students. A professor must

contact Digilent to make arrangements prior to their students ordering the Discovery to get the

value code. Free APK is limited to one per student."


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