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New Basys 3 User

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Good evening.  I am a new user to Basys 3 and Digilent.  I have a wealth of experience with HDLs and I'm looking to reacquaint myself with the Xilinx Vivado tool suite.  So, I purchased the Basys 3 board.

I'm having trouble getting Vivado (2020.2) to connect with the Basys 3.  I've installed the Basys 3 board files (XML) correctly, I believe.  I can select that board within Vivado. When I open the Hardware Manager it finds a LocalHost but nothing under/behind it.

My first goal is to make sure the Basys 3 board works.  When I plugged-in the micro USB and turn the Basys 3 board on I can see the 7 segment LEDs counting.  Then I switch the jumper for JTAG programming and I can't seem to get any further.

I am using Vivado 2020.2 as that's the latest version that supports Basys 3.  To confirm operation with Vivado I am running through the Basys 3 Programming Guide (example design).  

I am also having a hard time finding an option, "Tools > Edit Device Properties. Under General, set Enable Bitsream Compression to “TRUE”.  

Any thoughts?



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