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Hi - Looking for datasheet 6003-300-000

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The reason for me joining the Digilent community is to hopefully get a PDF datasheet or spec sheet for your power supply 6003-300-000?  In the link below, Xilinx lists this power supply along with PW174KB1251 and PW174KB1251FXX for its AC701 evaluation kit.  I'm working on a project design that uses the Xilinx AC701 evaluation kit.  My company's part database system requires document proof of any part and properly linked to manufacturer. 




I will greatly appreciate if you can please provide a PDF datasheet or spec sheet for the power supply 6003-300-000, and if possible additionally for PW174KB1251 and PW174KB1251FXX.  I already contacted Digilent's Sales and Order Support, but was instructed to look in the online forum.





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Hi @IVillalba,

I apologize for the long delay.

I will send you the correct contact information for this power supply part that Xilinx has requested Digilent to provide; I personally do not have the details about these particular power supplies (as Digilent does not carry them on our store directly as you likely noted).


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