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Problems with the coolrunner-ii


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Hi everyone.


My name is Santiago. I am assistant in my electronics class.

We have a problem with 5 of the coolrunner-ii that are in our laboratory.

When we conect them to the pc it is just turned on LD4, but LD6 and LD5 are turned off.


Could you give us a reccomendation to fix it?.

Could you show us a troubleshooting for CPLD coolrunner-ii to try to repair them?.


Thank you.


It wil be really useful.

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Hi @Santiago,

The Coolrunner-ii is a retired product, so the available support for it is very limited outside of what is available on it's Resource Center: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/programmable-logic/coolrunner-ii/start. My brief advice after looking at the schematic and reference manual would be to check JP2 and checking a different USB cable since the Link and Power LEDs aren't turning on.


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