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Trying to become Arty-stic with FPGAs


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Hello everyone.

I am Rohit. I am currently using Arty board - Picoblaze to be specific. Hope I am in the long run and that I will get help here from the talented members.

As a newbie in FPGA world, I am trying to understand the Arty A7 board. I was able to run the basic programs. While trying to employ picoblaze and xadc, I was able to find only the verilog code for xadc in Arty 7.

Are there codes/.vhd files for picoblaze-xadc communication with Arty A7?

Kindly help.

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I though picoBlaze was a proprietary CPU core?  If so, you won't find the Verilog code for it.

You might want to check out copyblaze and/or pacoblaze.  They're supposed to be clones of the PicoBlaze processor.  I have no idea how well, or even if, they work, but that's just what they advertise.

Beware ... this is one of the faults of the Xilinx ecosystem.  Many like it.  However, it contains many parts/pieces/components for which the source logic is encrypted.  You will struggle to take designs from the Xilinx ecosystem and use them in any other.  You should be fine with the Xilinx simulator--but you're likely to run into trouble if you try to use Xilinx cores with other simulators such as (my favorite) Verilator.  The same goes for porting Xilinx designs to non-Xilinx devices (Intel, Lattice, ASIC, etc.)--although IIRC the Xilinx EULA license explicitly prohibits that anyway.  It's just something to be aware of.


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