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Prototyping 100mbps communication system on twisted pair

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I am looking For FPGA boards. 

The system is full duplex.

Obviously I would need ADC , DAC. VGA and PLL on board . PLL need to be controlled from FPGA for symbol synchronization. I have some experience with Synopsis HAPS sustem. I can create the RTL from Simulink.

Any suggestion is wecomed and

thank you very much for the help

in advance.



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>> Obviously I would need

actually I'd disagree with that use of "obvious". It looks to me like you want to cover the PHY layer with random components that happen to be included on some FPGA board. And that could become a problem (e.g. look at Ethernet and the transformers built into the sockets, and the implications on the signaling).


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16 hours ago, mehdi kilani said:

I am looking For FPGA boards.

Relying on MATLAB to do all of the heavy lifting for creating design source code is likely not a very wise strategy.  If you are committed to SimuLink then I suggest that you stick with target platforms fully supported by that application. That type of application works by doing a small set of things very well. Sometimes this is fine. For 'real-world' work this usually doesn't work out. Having RTL source code generated is one thing but if it doesn't work then what are you going to do? I've seen script generated code and it isn't easy to work with, even if you are adept at the HDL being generated.

As @xc6lx45has pointed out there's a lot of specific details about hardware that is undefined. For low cost FPGA platforms 100-150 Msps is about the limit though  some platforms allow a limited selection of add-on boards. Since we don't know your requirements then it's hard to make a recommendation. be aware that converters for RF communications applications are different from general purpose converters. What kind of modulation, frequency conversion etc. you intend to use is very important.  100 mbps communication over a twisted pair is not a helpful amount of information to work with.

If I were doing such a project, I'd be writing all of the FPGA source myself, with testbenches. I'd assume that there are no adequate platforms available to complete the project so I'd be thinking in terms of a good FPGA platform, like the Genesys2, and a custom designed FMC mezzanine board of my own design to implement the final product. A communications system needs a channel to communicate through and the electronics to drive that channel and receive data from that channel involve some careful design that is likely not available on a general purpose board.

Implementing the basic concept and verifying the base-band digital operation is one thing. Running the design through a physical channel is another.

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