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Soda Can Theremin - Volume Control


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I built the circuit shown here and was able to generate a tone out of the speaker (with only pitch control), but now I want to implement volume control, via an antenna (another soda can?). 

Would it be as simple as adding another VFO,FFO, Weighted Summer, and Envelope Detector and connecting it to a voltage controlled amplifier? (picture shown below)

The linked article says it wouldn't be too hard to implement volume control. What did the author have in mind?

Thank you!

Soda Can Theremin.png

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I recently made changes to the antenna, by changing out the soda can for a 16" 3/8" copper tube. And instead of connecting the antenna to ground and holding the amplifier input wire in my hand, I connected the antenna directly to the amp input, and got way better results.

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