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PYNQ on Arty Z7-20

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I am trying to get PYNQ onto the Arty Z7-20 by following the steps from this tutorial: https://projects.digilentinc.com/90432/programming-python-on-zynq-fpga-ec4712. I've burned the PYNQ Z1 2.6.0 ISO file (latest version) to a microSD card, but when I go to boot from the SD Card I only get the red LD13, TX/RX, and Ethernet lights to turn on. The six LED's at the bottom do not turn on as well as the done LED to signify the bitstream has been loaded. I switched the booting from to QSPI to shelve the microSD issues, but even after all the appropriate LED's turn on I'm not able to log into the board using a terminal window (I've tried Tera Term and PuTTY). When I drop down the ports I get two USB Serial Ports that show up but neither is a virtual COM port that I have read is necessary to communicate with the UART bridge on the board. I've downloaded drivers from STMicroelectronics for the VCP as well as some from FTDI for the UART bridge but neither seemed to make a difference.

Any help or tips would be much appreciated, thank you.





sd boot.jpg

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