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Openscope MZ, Data Transfer Issue: Data Chunks Lost

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A couple days ago I got the error message above and nothing has been working since. I have tried all the USB cables I have and none of them have worked. When i try and trigger, LD1 doesn't stop glowing, and LD5 and LD6 flash occasionally, and the signal never shows up, but it continues to try and sample. LD4 doesn't flash. I used to also get an error message that said that there was a data transfer issue and data chunks were lost. I have the latest firmware update. I have tried resetting the device but when I go into the configure panel, it tells me  that it could not connect to the device. I have also tried multiple ports, and my laptop recogniszes that it is plugged in so I really have no idea what's going on now. It was working the night before and all of a sudden in the morning I came across this issue. It would be great if this could be sorted out as quickly as possible, thanks.


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