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OpenScope MZ waveforms live unable to communicate with device

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For the last few days i have been having problems with the openscope MZ.

it seems like the agent is able to connect to the scope, and waveforms live is able to connect to the agent (because i can re-flash the firmware) 

but when i try to connect the board, it gives me a pop up notification that says "unable to communicate with device"

When i try to connect to the local host (http://localhost:42135 or i get an error 404.

I have tried the following:

1. Using a different USB Cable

2. Using a different USB port

3. Using a different computer

4. running the digilent agent in compatibility mode

5. Disabling the firewalls

6. re-flashing a pre compiled firmware (1.301.0 and 1.4.0, both uploaded fine to the board)

7. Using a different browser

8. opening a putty terminal, which gives me the firmware version, but doesn't open any menu.


in conclusion, it seems like the board is able to communicate with the agent and waveforms, but it can't host the web server, so i can flash the firmware to the microcontroller, but i can't open waveforms live, only flash firmware through it.

I have used this particular board in the past (for less than an hour), so i know it works.

I suspect the MRF24 module is faulty, but i don't know if the pic32 hosts the firmware or the MRF24.

Is there a way to disable the MRF24 and use the board without it? 

I'll get the scope out and see if there's any communication between the MRF to the PIC32.

Thanks for any help, Omri.

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Hi @OmriRaz,

You've done most of the things I would already suggest trying, which makes me think that unless the WaveForms Live website was down for the timeframe you were testing and happens to be back up now while I'm testing it on my own OpenScope MZ, that makes me think that there is something wrong with that particular bit of the hardware.

Depending on when you purchased it you may be able to get an RMA for it. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to pursue this option.

Thank you,

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