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Dev Board and Analog Input Board


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Good Morning,


I am fairly new to FPGA's and would like some help selecting a dev board to prototype with. I am looking to create a system controller that reads in 10-12 0-10VDC inputs and performs logic based on the readings. Doing a bit of reading leads me to believe that i will need an FPGA dev board and another board with ADC's. Can anyone make a recommendation or point me in the right direction? Also, i would like a Xilinx FPGA if possible.


Thanks for the help

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Hi @tlandry48,

What sort of logic are you wanting to do to these inputs? You are likely correct in that you will need two separate boards; a system board and some sort of external add-on that handles the dozen or so inputs that range from 0 to 10V, or at least Digilent does not have an all-in-board that meets this criteria.

The only board that Digilent has that can handle up to 10V as is would be the Analog Discovery 2, though it only has two oscilloscope channels.



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