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what Zynq-7020 board would you recommend, Zybo , ARTY Z7, PYNQ-Z1?

Kotomi Kawakami

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Well, the FPGA is the same, so what you want to look at, are the other features like the memory, Audio, Digital I/O. Maybe you also want to use some buttons or switches at some point, and you want them on the board and not as expansion. 

Between PYNQ Z1 and Arty Z7, the only difference is that the PYNQ has a microphone and Arty Z7 doesn't, otherwise they are identical from the specs point of view.

With this in mind, I will talk about the comparison between the Arty Z7 and Zybo Z7...

They both have HDMI In and Out, but if you also want Audio codec you can find that only on Zybo Z7. the DDR3 is 1024MB on ZyboZ7 and 512MB on Arty Z7. 

If you are interested in more DIO pins, Arty Z7 has 9 more through the Arduino expansion shield. 

Zybo Z7 though, comes with the Pcam connector in case at some point you want to switch the type of camera used. 

You can find below a table with the specs from our last year catalog. I hope this gives you a better overview to what might help you better in your work. You'll probably get your work done with either one. My personal suggestion, if you allow it, is to go with the Zybo Z7 as it was designed to be used for video processing, as we added the camera. The double memory is also a big advantage. Arty Z7 and PYNQ Z1 are more into the entry and hobby level. Choose what has the optimal set of features to ease your work and what fits your budget best. 


Best regards,


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I couldn't really say if it's harder or easier but for the Pcam we already provide an IP, example projects and even a workshop documentation. 

You can see info regarding the camera, lens, projects and what we offer for it on the Pcam 5C resource center page: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/add-ons/pcam-5c/start

The IP and demo project are public on our github: https://github.com/Digilent/Zybo-Z7-20-pcam-5c


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