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Grounds associated with Ch 1 & Ch 2 are black with white stripe, not color with white stripe

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Hi, 2 of my TAs have found that their OpenScopes have the grounds associated with Ch1 and Ch2 with wires that are black with a white stripe.  Since the inputs are not differential/floating, doesn't matter much, but as we teach, some of the students (at home due to pandemic) are likely to get confused.  Would be interesting to learn if this color change was characteristic of a particular production run, and, if there are other known issues with that run.  best, Harry Nelson 



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Hi @HarryNNelson,

I reached out to the Product Manager and learned that the black wire with the white stripe is what all the OpenScope MZ's use on all recent builds. No other changes besides the color were made.

I will make sure the reference materials on waveformslive.com and the Resource Center are updated to make it clear that the oscilloscope channels are single ended (and have the color changed to black to better indicate their function as a ground as opposed to a differential input).

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

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