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OpenScope MZ AWG1 is broken

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I am teaching a course using the OpenScope MZ and after just a few weeks, 8 of the 60 students have broken their (initially working) device.  In nearly all cases, the problem is that AWG1 only puts out a DC voltage (usually 2-3 V) regardless of what is specified in WaveForms Live (and even immediately after boot up).  Is this a known failure mode?  Is there any way to recover the device?

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Hi @KevinStenson,

I haven't seen this particular failure before. The only way I can find to output a DC voltage that high is through the DC Out 1 (the red wire). The WaveGen (at least as per the DC output setting) isn't able to go above 1.5V. I will ask the engineer more familiar with WaveForms Live about this.


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