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Zynq book tutorials completed - what now ?


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I would have - as already indicated in the title - the following question.

I just finished the Zynq book tutorials with a Zybo board.
Since this was my first contact with Zynq and Vivado, so to speak, I think I still need some practice before I can start to realize my own projects.
Hence the question, how can I proceed further.

Are there other books or PDF or video tutorials that are designed in the same way, i.e. a step is explained that can be rebuilt or reprogrammed and the whole project is built step by step from scratch?
Is there a kind of road map somewhere on the net, from Noob to Master, which recommends something suitable for every level ?


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If you want an opinion, tutorials aren't as helpful as you might think. They make you achieve wondrous things and give the illusion of learning. But have you really made the knowledge your own so you can apply it independently? Probably not.

You may get better results following the tutorial only loosely, as a general guideline and when you get stuck (e.g. after banging your head against the problem for an hour or a day, but not after 15 seconds).

Most certainly, being led by the hand won't take you anywhere near "master"...

IMHO, what you absolutely should do (as you asked) is realize your own projects. Start with blinking a LED in its variations (PL / PS control, PL / PS pin). If this sounds ridiculously simple but feels frustratingly difficult without step-by-step instructions you're probably doing it right, simply because Zynq is such a complex system and you have to carry (almost) the same baggage e.g. FSBL already in a small project.

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