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Genesys ZU-5EV


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We haven't forgotten about it! It's still being actively worked on and is one of our highest priority projects. I can say that we are in the validation phase of the product, but cannot provide an exact release date at the moment. 

It may not be what you need, as it has a Zynq UltraScale+ CG device instead of an EV, but we have partnered up with Trenz to provide another Zynq UltraScale+ development board. I realize that doesn't provide a GPU or Video Codec, and it seems those may be critical if you're waiting for the 5EV.


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Readers of this thread (including myself) may be surprised to learn that I received a company email yesterday evening notifying me that the Genesys ZU 5EV has moved out of the prototyping phase and into the production phase.

I do not have a release date/timeline/quarter to share (despite me asking for one) or other details to share at the moment, but still wanted to give out this update. Screenshot of evidence attached as promised.




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We ordered https://www.newark.com/digilent/410-383-5ev/dev-board-64bit-zynq-ultrascale/dp/72AJ8284. I'm planning to use Altium for my design. Is it possible to get the Altium project and libraries for this design? I've seen the .pdfs of the schematic, but would prefer more (like xilinx dev boards) if possible.

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