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openscope mz: is remote access of WaveForms Live possible?

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hello everyone,

i am working on a project and recently came across the openscope MZ. i currently do not own one.

i was wondering after you setup openscope MZ with your home wifi and have it probing some circuit's nodes, is it possible to remotely control / monitor device with waveforms live outside of the home wifi network? e.g. on the phone / laptop at work, restaurant, etc.

thank you!

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Hi @g3333t,

It is possible to do this. You would need to do some networking to get this set up though.

One option would be to open a port on your router and then forwarding the traffic to the OpenScope MZ. At that point you would just need an address that is accessible via the internet at large which you put into WaveFormsLive when connecting via network, which will be dictated by your ISP.

Alternatively, you could set up a VPN connection between your remote computer and a VPN server on your home network that has the OpenScope MZ/WaveFormsLive available and SSH into it, but that would be a bit more work to get going.


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