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Openlogger error reading data

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I need some help.
I buyed an  openlogger board few months ago, but I am starting now to use it.
I have some problems.
Waveformslives  In stream mode may stay connected for hours (some time) or gives error reading data (more frequently). In my application the sampling rate is 1 sample every 10 sec. so quite slow.
I tried different settings, but the error is still there.
This is the most important problem.
During the tests I am doing I noted that some of the configuration saved are listed on the SD, but not available for loading.

The logging is on four analog input and the computer is an Asus vivobook S with W10 home. As a browser I use slimjet.
I had the same problems with firefox on W7.



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What error are you seeing while reading data? A WaveForms Live specific error or error due to reading incorrect data? I presume you are logging to the SD card directly?

Is the OpenLogger connected to the computer via USB or over WiFi?


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I do not have the board available now (is running and logging data on SD).
When I start in stream mode (no SD log) the error it gives is about "error reading data, try to reduce the sampling speed". It say also that the log on SD (if enabled) is running.
I tried many different setting (also changing sample speed), but none are stable.
The connection to PC is by USB2 or USB3, I did not try in WiFi.
What I see (better at ex 10 sample/sec) is a stop of the graphics update, some time it recover (get delayed data-update and graphics update) and continue, more often it stop and give the error.
The board works if I start it with log on the SD, from Waveformslives or by boot.
Seems a W10 problems, but same on a W7 computer (USB2).
One sample every 10 sec. is very low, seems, seems unbelievable.


I tried also with Chrome and Slimjet 64  (on W10) , but same results.



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