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7 Segment Display


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I am re-designing an LED display module, similar to the PMOD SSD. It has 8 digits (I like LEDs) which are multiplexed. It requires two PMOD ports. I have used the prototype successfully on both the Arty A7 and the Zybo Z7.

The current design blocks JA and JD on the Arty and JB and JE on the Zybo. The plan in the next revision is to have a bypass connection so that those ports are available for other use. It does not interfere with JA on the Zybo.

I would provide a blank board, parts list (one part) and my Verilog HDL driver for it. Currently the design operates in a hexadecimal mode, or decimal. The code in decimal mode allows for leading zero suppression, or not. The decimal points may turned on in any desired pattern. I have yet to work out the logic for displaying a minus sign before a negative number, decimal mode.

Is there any interest in me putting this up for sale? How about the analog interface module for the Zybo—two temperature sensor inputs and two 0-3.3 VDC inputs.






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