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OpenLogger - very unreliable

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I don't know if I am alone in the following areas - but fact remains there is no reliability at all with respect to the user interface and many other areas. Specific failures are as below :

1. The File Explorer for flash shows saved profiles but i am unable to choose any as only the New Profile shows up in the drop down. 

2. Data logging to SD card formatted FAT32 and 16 GB size -  I only get error message and some file on the SD card which is binary. 

3. WiFi - well after lots of circus I went past the saving stage ( it only shows WPA security and so I changed my router to match, as it was with WPA2 ).  The Blue led is lit and network credentials are shown but no saved SSID - that field is blank ! 

4. And when I try to connect to the shown IP , it says my Firmware is outdated and takes me to Agent. And agent confirms that it is version 1.3.0 which is the latest.  So back to square 1. ?

This is one product that I have been raising so many issues and trying to resolve each the manual is by-heart to me !  Support even once replaced my unit ( thanks !) but still my woes are far from over. 

So right now I am just using it as a basic logger and every time configuring the front panel controls and life moves.  

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Hi @Raghunathan,

I'll have to ask about your questions; I hadn't seen that the OpenLogger WiFi configuration seems to be stuck on WPA rather than WPA2, so that will be another thing to ask. As far as I am aware, the latest firmware is 1.3.0. I hope to have some better news for you next week when the engineer more familiar with WaveFormsLive gets back, but at the same time, I won't recommend holding your breath.


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Hi Colvin 

thanks. So kind of you to keep tracing this. Will wait for the update. 

well yesterday was good. I somehow managed to link up with WiFi on my cell following your order of powering / resetting etc. And also the WFL app is no good. Could log on via the browser. That’s some way forward. 

The logging to SD card is still buggy and anyway even if I log what do I do with a binary file. Since the export to CSV works maybe I can manage. 

But one thing I have to agree ... if the board is in the mood to work it works great. Maybe the position of some planet is linked to its health .. ha ha !! 

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Hi @Raghunathan,

I took a look into the WPA/WPA2 issue you've been having. In short, the WINC1500 driver doesn't distinguish between WPA & WPA2 from the perspective of the software, in happens internally on the chip. The OpenLogger reports back to WaveForms Live what the WINC1500 is telling it during a WiFi AP scan, which is that a WPA/WPA2 network is just a WPA network.

I'm glad to hear that switching to WPA got you to the saving stage, but I urge you to go back to WPA2 instead. You are increasing the vulnerability of your local network.

Instead, can you please send a capture of the browser console when you try to connect to the network? Perhaps you can also speak about the router you have? Is it using WPA2 Enterprise?

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Hello Andrew,

Ok subsequent to the above post I tried to link to my iPhone hot spot and that worked. Of course one has to follow a sequence - have the iPhone hotspot enabled and then power up the OpenLogger. It connects . That is the most popular use case as in the field we don't have routers and if it links direct to the phone its good. So right now I am with it. As usual with iPhone lot of tech information is abstracted and I don't know if my password was WPA or WPA2. 

As to the Router in my office its a D-Link DIR-636L router and a simple WPA2 security( no enterprise ).  

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