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Ubuntu on Genesys ZU board



I've gone through a number of tutorials and can't seem to get an Ubuntu arm64 image booting on the Genesys ZU board. Trying to build it straight from petalinux, but thus far nothing appears on the serial port when I go to boot the SD card. Some articles mention using Initrd vs SD boot on the image packing. I've seen various definitions for the kernel bootargs in the DTG.


This article uses the ZCU102 BSP to configure the petalinux project... but the Genesys ZU board doesn't have a provided BSP:

This one seems more generalized, but it also failed to give me any successful indications of booting (Also noticed that the serial settings are different as of petalinux 2020.1):

All of the above considered.... I am in fact trying to do this on petalinux 2020.1, but I don't see what the issue is as to why these builds won't work on the genesys board.

Any insights are much appreciated. I'm completely stumped.

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One can get lost pretty easily as the learning curve is steep and the same goes for us too. We are hard at work getting 2020.1 support published for G-ZU and we are seeing our fair share of issues.

We do not have a BSP published, but the https://github.com/Digilent/Genesys-ZU-OOB-os repo should be just as good of a starting point. For now it is only for 2019.1 but we successfully created Ubuntu rootfs for internal use with it. It is our sole supported version at the moment.

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