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Xilinx Tool's License and Its Student's Discount Availability


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Hi @NaN,

Digilent does not provide the Xilinx software, so we are not able to offer discounts on their licensing. I took a look at the licensing question that is referenced in the FAQ of the NefFPGA-1G Wiki (as they created and maintain all of the software and designs for the NetFPGA-1G-CML) and learned that if your university does not have a pre-existing agreement with the Xilinx University Program, you may need to instead use an evaluation version from Xilinx; there are further details about this here: https://github.com/NetFPGA/NetFPGA-public/wiki/NetFPGA-1G-CML-Licensing.

One thing I did notice though on their FAQ is that the designs they have are for ISE 14.6 and as far as I could tell the NetFPGA group does not have existing material for Vivado Design Suite with regards to the NetFPGA-1G-CML.


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