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Which protocols can OpenScope MZ detect?

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I am interested in this OpenScope MZ.

I am new to MCU application.  I want to use OpenScope MZ as a Logic Analyzer.  My questions are:

  1. If it is used as a logic analyzer, what kind of digital protocols (UART, I2C, SPI, etc.) can it detect?
  2. What kinds of digial protocols can it detect and trigger to them automatically?
  3. Since Waveform Live is a web application, I don't epxect it performs as fast as a native windows application. Can Openscope MZ work with PulseView v0.5?

 Thanks for your opinions. 

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Hi @HKPhysicist,

I apologize for the delay; I thought I had already responded.

1. As it currently stands, there are not any digital protocols that are supported
2. It currently only detects rising and falling edges of a digital signal
3. I am not aware of any sigrok support for the OpenScope MZ

Thank you,

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