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Model Number ?


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Hello, we just recently purchased a number of Analog Discovery 2 units to use in a distance learning class

we will be doing in a few weeks.  We already have number of units called Model # 210-xxxxxxx the new units

just recently purchased are marked on the box label as 410-xxxxxxx and the serial number below that.  We

opened the box and the Analog Discovery 2 unit is marked with 210-x...  .  We are wondering about the label

because it is marked 410, this would have been the number we would have used on the shipping labels for 

customs but now we will probably remove the cardboard strap to avoid confusion with the shippers and

customs.   The question did come up, are these units different in any way from the previous units purchased?

We did look at the contents of the new units and old (we don't have any straps from the old units to compare

with) and no difference so can we get an official word from you about this difference so we can send out the

new and old units under the model number 210 without and concern about there being some type of difference

between the old and new units.

Thank for helping us clear this up.   

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There is no difference. 

Sometimes distributors have different part numbers than our web store or the 410 can represent a bundle of AD2 (210-xxx) plus something else. 

If you need exact details, please contact sales at sales@digilentinc.com

Thank you 

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Hi @sdrake,

I happened to have checked with the product manager and confirmed that the difference between the two part numbers/SKUs (210-321 and 410-321) is the difference between the Analog Discovery 2 itself (210-321) and the bundle of the Analog Discovery 2 with something else is for 410-321 (as labeled on it's store page) as @vicentiu said. In this particular situation with the value I listed, that something is the packaging that it comes in.

Let us know (or the sales team) if you have any questions about this.


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