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Software license requirement

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Dear Digilent Team,


I have a query with respect to your software license for the Waveforms SDK:


I have been using your AD2 board for a while and it is a great piece of hardware. As part of my research I have integrated the AD2 into a little box together with a Linux processor, amplifier and transducer to form a basic ultrasonic acquisition system in our lab. The system is controlled via a Python code which incorporates the DWF library (not using the Waveforms GUI); nonetheless the Waveforms SDK and Adept Runtime need to be installed on the integrated Linux processor to enable this. The combination of all the components works well and I sense the opportunity to be able to sell a few of them to researchers and other colleagues.


In the scenario, where I would buy an AD2, integrate it with other components and then want to resell it to another person, could you please clarify if I would need an additional license to sell this product?


Kind Regards,


Pouyan Khalili

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Hi @Pouyan Khalili,

I confirmed that your described use case is acceptable and that you do not need any additional warranties; please note though that there will be no warranties (at least with Digilent) available or associated with the product at this point.

Thank you,

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