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Hello everbody!

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My name is Mario, I am in my 3rd (and hopefully last) master semester (electrical engineering) and I am a FPGA rookie. I don´t have too much experience in FPGA design and I´m looking forward to having some awesome, instructive and of course interesting conversations with you! I´m really interested in real-time signal processing, which is also the main topic of my master. Earlier in my master, I implemented filter algorithms on µC and DSP. I started implementing different FIR-filters a few months ago (on Nexys 4 DDR Board) and I´m now struggling on configuring the Genesys 2 audio codec. My total VHDL experience is round about 6 months but I really like working with FPGAs. Thank you and stay healthy.

Best regards


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During my master - which contents a lot of practical projects - I work in a laboratory on my own projects. There are also some fellow students in the lab (but they have different topics) , and I don´t know anyone (instead of one professor) that I can ask in FPGA specific topics. My supervising professor can help me in any other signal processing topic, but FPGAs.        

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