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Need a Workbook


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I'm following the Virtual Workshop "Integrating Arm Cortex-M soft CPU IP into FPGAs", and to accomplish the Lab I need the workbook. Unfortunately, the proposed link with the Labs is no longer available. Is there any possibility to get this workbook? 

Best regards


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Hi @Billel,

I don't think Digilent ran or created this workshop (I presume you are referring to the one referenced here: https://developer.arm.com/ip-products/designstart/fpga/fpga-xilinx) based on the speakers list (or development the ARM core materials for Digilent boards in general) so I don't believe we have the workbook readily available. Xilinx, ARM, or Hackster.io who ran the workshop may still have it available since it's no longer on that dropbox link.

I will ask around though to see if anybody at Digilent happens to have downloaded that workbook though.


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