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how to read captured .log files ?

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Hi all,

is there anybody who can tell an easy way to read a *.log file from SD card of a capture.....

I found this python scripts but I am searching for an easy way to read the data....(UI like etc.)

Currently I am playing around with octave and the signal-1.4.1 package, but no success up to now....

THANKS in Advance,


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Hi Alecz,

Unfortunately, is seems like Digilent is not providing software to directly read the LOG files, and we can't do it in Waveforms Live either ...

You can convert LOG files to CSV using these instructions : https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/waveforms-live/how-to-convert-dlog

And use MS Excel, Python, MatLab, ... Any software that is able to process data. I also found this, but haven't tried it yet : http://www.analogflavor.com/en/view-csv-files-as-graphs/

Hope this can help, please let us know if you find the right software !



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