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generate square pulse in nexys4 ddr


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Hi everyone

can you help me in my problem?
I am using NEXYS4 DDR, and I want to generate some output square patterns for DRAM measurement.
but I dont know how can i do this with my board.
hope your help,

thank you so much

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Is your goal to write a DRAM device controller?  Or ... something more esoteric?

If your goal is to write a DRAM device controller, then my advice would be to start with the DDR2 SDRAM specification.  There's a lot of logic involved before you can bring a controller up to speed to the point where you can interact with it on a "square wave" level.  I know of open source examples of SDRAM (not DDR) drivers, and DDR3 SDRAM drivers, but ... I'm not familiar with any DDR2 SDRAM drivers to point you towards.


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thank D@n

my point is that I already made a DRAM chip, so now I need to generate some commands like read, write; then give input data and check data ouput.
I saw that some FPGA kits can generate square signals, but I dont know how about NEXYS4.
because I see NEXYS4 has clock frequency is 100MHz, so i think it may generate some signals like data generator.

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