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Waveformslive Agent unable to communicate with OpenScope MZ device

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Following the procedure in the introduction tutorial, when I get to the "open COM3" step to connect the Openscope MZ to the the Agent browser is "Unable to communicate with  the device."

With the Openscope is connected to the PC at its front USB connector two LEDs on the Openscope MZ blink on for moment so it seems to be alive, but the PC is unable to connect to it.

Does the Firmware need to be loaded first?

If so, it's not clear how to put the device in the bootloader mode in order to do so. How is the "bootloader mode" invoked?

After selecting the Openscope MZ firmware, When I click on "Flash Selected Firmware" the "Transferring HEX file" flashes for a second, but nothing else seems to happen.

What is the next step to figure out what's wrong?

Thank you.




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Hi @DudleyDevices,

I apologize for the delay. There should already some firmware installed on the OpenScope MZ. Which LEDs on the front of the board are lighting up?

Otherwise, you can enter bootloader mode as described on this Digilent Wiki page here: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/instrumentation/openscope-mz/recover-from-corrupt-firmware.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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Hi JColvin,

Yes, I still have questions...

I'm just getting acquainted with the Openscope MZ (OMZ). The Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) has an unacceptable failure mode where an accidental short circuit in the device under test can damage not only the AD2 but also the computer its connected to. The OMZ seems to have the same functionality and utility value as the AD2 without being physically connected to the display computer, using the WiFi connection instead so the AD2's unacceptable failure mode is avoided altogether. Do I understand this correctly?

If so then the OMZ would be very useful. After damaging 2 Analog Discovery (AD) and 3 AD2 O'Scopes and 2 different computers - and then learning that this problem was known about and will remain uncorrected, the Analog Discovery has been banished from my shop. The OMZ may still be useful if it works without being connected to the computer.


Back to the OMZ - the LEDs that light up are LD5 and LD6, but they flash on and off in only a fraction of a second.

What firmware is in the OMZ?


I bought the OMZ some time ago along with an AD2, but couldn't get it to work in a timely manner so I set it aside. Because the AD2 cannot be used with my circuit development work due to the high probability of another accidental shorting to ground in my hay-wired circuit testing the OMZ is getting another look. Was adding the WiFi connection a workaround for the vulnerability that damages AD and AD2 O'Scopes? If so - this should have been mentioned.

I would ask why you don't clean up the software for the OMZ to make it as "user-friendly" as the AD2. As it is the OMZ and its software interface are not a mature product and are too difficult to be a practical solution. To get back to my work I just bought another conventional Tektronix scope from EBay.

When you get around to fixing your products please let me know and I'll try them again.

As they are now they are not suitable.

Doug Albright

Actuation Test Equipment


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