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Xillinux on Zybo Z7-10




I tried to build Xillinux-2.0 with vivado 2019.2.1 for Zybo Z7-10 not the original ZYBO.

But the console over the UART is garbled and HDMI is not displayed.

So I think the frequency is not right. The difference between ZYBO and zybo Z7-10 is the input frequency, 50MHz to 33.3MHz.

How do you change the input frequency setting?

 "xillinux-eval-zedboard-2.0c/system/data/ps7_system_prj.xml" is the setting file?

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HI @Ryu,

Unfortunately we are not familiar with building Xillinux-2.0 and therefor I can't really help you to the full extend of what you need, you might be right regarding the frequency, but not the right one.

The input frequency is used for generating the internal frequencies of the PS which in turn generates the frequencies of the PL, the HDMI is handled in the PL which means that there might be some issues there. Either way there is a external clock on the board which provides the input frequency for the PS (schematic page 10) which is 33.333 MHz. You should not change the settings in the PS files which describe the input frequency because those are used to set the PLLs in the PS which generate all the other frequencies, basically if you change that one all of them change. The way you should go about this (if you really want to change the input  frequency, although that's not the were your problem is) is by using Vivado to change it, within the PS configuration, which should automatically reconfigure all the clock at build.

Regarding your actual issue, each Linux project has a underlying Vivado project which describes the HW used by Linux, you need to create that project for the Zybo Z7-10 first and then base you  Xillinux-2.0 build on it.... Like I said we don't have experience with this, you will need to contact Xillinux for it.

For the UART make sure that the right settings are used baud, parity, etc.


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