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Object detection using Zybo-Z7-20



Hello folks,

We are developing application for Object detection using Zybo z7-20 board.

This petalinux project targets the Vivado block diagram project found here:
Vivado ver. 2017.4
Petalinux ver. 2017.4

Along with this we are using debian rootfs.
We are installed tensorflow, opencv libraries on it and those libraries are working well.
Remaining part is we want to take input from MIPI Pcam 5c camera(using opencv) and show its on HDMI display.

how can i do this Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for replay @Cosmin

Yes i found guide for how to take pictures from camera. i was able to capture images from it.
I want to know can i open MIPI camera device using opencv  like usb camera. I am new in linux application could you please elaborate the procedure for how can i drive framebuffer manually or if you can give me the reference for it. it will be helpful for us.

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